The second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released, and like I predicted, it leaves room for varied speculation. This trailer made me lose my mind, especially where Rey is concerned. As far as trailers go, it didn’t strike me as well as the Justice League trailer, but this one is special and has elements of wonder and concern that the Justice League trailer just did not have. In this post, I will be discussing said elements, as well as possible plot points in the movie. Be warned, I will geek out to the extreme, and there might be possible spoilers for the movie should my predictions prove to be true.


We know that the voiceover in the trailer is Snoke himself, possibly talking to Kylo Ren. This proves that Snoke will be active in the film, and we will get to see and get to know the man responsible for the ultimate death of Han Solo and the exhile of Luke Skywalker, after his part in turning Kylo Ren over to the dark side. Ren’s path into the darkness is echoed on the 00:11 mark in the video in the shot that mirrors Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith after turning to the dark side himself, and marches into the Jedi temple during Order 66. Another significant arc in the trailer is in the 00:48 mark, when Rey shocks Luke as she uses the force to create a crack on the ground. This point leads to the line: “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then, it does now.”, said by Luke. This line begs the question as to who Luke is actually talking about. Many might speculate he speaking about Rey, which is fair enough. But I think it could be possible he is also speaking about¬† either Ren or Snoke. If I were to choose, I feel it would make more sense for Luke to be speaking about Snoke. When Luke says, he has seen this raw strength before, he is probably talking about Darth Vader, or possibly Darth Sidious. If he was to be speaking about Sidious, who was the master of Darth Vader at the time, it’s possible he is referring to Snoke, who is the master of Kylo Ren right now, when he says,”it didn’t scare me enough then, it does now”. It could be a hint at the power of Snoke and his strength with the force and the dark side. Now, I could be wrong, but this is all just speculation at this point. It’s possible that I’m overthinking this, and he is just talking about Kylo Ren, who had raw strength, as his once student, and Rey, whose strength surpasses Kylo Ren’s.


Much of the trailer seems to be pushing the potential conflict and immense power of Kylo Ren and Rey, as they serve as the “possible” opposing forces in the story, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Another important mystery that the film will serve to resolve is the true parentage of Rey. Two popular theories circling this matter is that either Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi is her father. This could be an interesting point to explore, but I think it’s possible that Rey is her own person. Why does everyone feel the need to relate her to the original characters? Granted, Rey Kenobi SOUNDS REALLY AWESOME, but that’s not the point. Moving on to 01:08. Kylo Ren is seen destroying the mask, and saying: “Let the past die. Kill it.”, before seemingly contemplating to kill his mother. This definitely gives me mixed signals, as the past, I think, symbolises his father, his mother, and the rest of the family he betrayed for the dark side. But the mask, for me, symbolises his path to the dark side and his new life as the future dark lord like his grandfather. To destroy the mask, is to destroy that dream. A lot of plot points in the trailer are extremely vague, and nothing is ever as it seems, so it’s hard for me not to overthink things. Is Kylo Ren both destroying the past and the possible future and creating something entirely different. Dare I say, Grey Jedi? The path of the Grey Jedi, however improbable, seems to be the most logical option. Before I end this post, I need to mention the point in the 01:45, where Luke is speaking to someone, saying: “This is not going to end the way you think”, after seemingly being defeated by said person. I believe that Luke is talking to Kylo Ren, as he informs him that Snoke will betray him, just as Sidious attempted to betray Darth Vader by taking Luke as his new apprentice some time before.


Finally, in 02:04, Rey and Kylo are in an unknown location as Rey asks Kylo to “show her her place in all of this”. This could suggest that Rey is turning over to the dark side, or rather, Kylo is turning back into the light. Should the former be true, it would make Luke Skywalker the Last Jedi. However, should this be untrue, it would suggest that Rey does not turn over to the dark, which would make her the Last Jedi. What’s exciting to me is the title of the film, which begs the question: “Who is the Last Jedi?”.


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