Superman Black Dawn is a six-part story within the DC Rebirth continuity. The story is an extremely strong Superman comic book, and stands as one of the best Superman stories ever written, which says a lot, especially for  a character like Superman who is known to be difficult to write for. Superman is powerful, smart, and can win any fight he gets involved in. Superman Black Dawn does well in taking this aspect of the Superman character and turns it completely on its head. I won’t say how, but all I can say is that the finale battle is incredibly entertaining, and is a fight that doesn’t depend on Superman punching someone all the time and ramming them through buildings.

The comic book is drawn extremely well, and the story is written beautifully as one that goes from a lighthearted mystery to an incredibly dark epic where shit hits the fan real fast. The Rebirth comic books are awesome in taking everything that we love about all of these characters like Batman, Superman, or even Lois Lane, and exploits these things to their maximum capacity. The villain in the story is one that I’m not familiar with, as I’m not that overly knowledgeable about Superman history, but he’s one that works extremely well, and exceeded my expectations in terms of what he brought to the story. Black Dawn signifies the end of the first year of Superman stories in The Rebirth continuity. It was an amazing story arc and I’m extremely happy about how they handled the relationship between Superboy and Robin, as well as Superboy’s character and his development as the son of the most powerful hero on Earth. I like the boys’ playful natures, as well as the well-developed friendship between Batman and Superman outside of the Justice League. The moments of build up in the story are an enjoyable time, and serve the entire story well in humanising our heroes, and grounding them as people trying to find a way to uphold their beliefs. What stands out in the build up for me is the different ideologies between Superman and Batman that stand to make every Superman and Batman story so amazing to read. This is hinted on early in the story, and I like how the two heroes have different beliefs and ideologies, but respect and admire one another regardless. I’d just like to pause for a moment and acknowledge how well done this difference in their relationship is made bare, while also depicting their friendship as one that comes from trust, and not familiarity.

This is a great story, and a lot of fun, with great cameos and supporting characters. It has some great moments and awesome action scenes, and does not drag on pointlessly. Each page is well-executed, and the story is incredibly well-written. Forgive me for the short review, but when it comes to comic books, I don’t like to make them any longer than they need to be, as a comic book issue is only so long. There is only so much we can discuss about 20 pages of story.


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  • A genuinely good Superman story!
  • Awesome action and scenes and moments.


  • The pay-off isn't what I expected it to be.
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