Recently, it has become more and more apparent to me, that my blog has not been as active as others out there. The reason for this is simple: The art of analytic creativity is one that seeks time and patience before it manifests itself to the real world and to the audience. In order to speak objectively about the art of fiction and the appeal of different stories, one has to be able to plan accordingly over longer periods of time. It is for this reason that I choose not to post on a regular basis, and work myself in a sense of schedule. I feel like working with schedules limits the creative process as it tends to give way to a forced creative atmosphere. The reason I do what I do is not because of some self-indulgent desire of fame and attention, but I do this because I love fiction, and I love fantasy, and I enjoy breaking my favourite stories apart and obsessing over every little detail. It is normal to me to release new posts about twice in one week, or none for three weeks in a row. If I find something that interests me and is worth sharing with my audience, I do not hesitate to speak upon it. The creative desire to analyse my favourite stories and characters from an objective standpoint stems from my deep sense of immersion and critical observation into well-told stories and my own obsession of fiction as a whole. Much has been noted by a number of bloggers that in order to keep the blog afloat, and to maintain momentum, one has to regularly post a number of stories. As a writer, I view things from a different perspective, and I want to post stories that are not only true to myself as an artist, but also true to the audience. I want to post things that will ultimately mean something to my audience, so I want to stay away from posting just for the sake of it.

The Forge started as a response to a moment. One moment in my life where I needed a sense of fulfillment and happiness. I’ve never been as happy or as fulfilled as others, so I had to work twice as hard to find my own truth. The subjects that I touch upon in this blog are an extension of my being, and manifestations of my subconscious. The moments in my life that gave birth to a darker, isolated and borderline nonchalant persona weren’t elemental, but they were subtle, and ultimately everlasting. These are the moments of loneliness, depression and malaise. It was like having an itch I could not scratch, and pain that I could not explain. The only solace I found was in comic books, anime and limited edition ork collectables from my local comic book store. It was in the films I watched, and the stories that changed my life. Fiction and fantasy became my escape from the constant anxiety of my own failures to fit in and be understood. I’ve yet to find my footing as a blogger, but taking my time with this experience helps me with my journey. As a writer, I do not wish to pigeon hole myself. I want to write about subjects that will have wide stream appeal, and I want to produce content that will resonate to the ones that love stories just as much as I do. Although my implementation of film analysis is limited, the future poses a brighter and broader scale of  different cinematic discussions that fellow film fanatics and geeks will sure to appreciate.

The reason for this blog post was to help familiarise everyone with my process and myself as The Geek Writer. The Forge is not an alternative and elemental form of blogging, but a jolt and a subversion of normal outlooks of stories, and the geek universe. It is a deconstruction of generic geek atmospheres, and stands as a testament to what I stand for and the things that got me here. There is nothing more harmonic than being one with the things that bring you happiness and spiritual and emotional fulfillment. I love what I do. I’m a nerd, I’m an otaku, and yes, I DO BELIEVE HAN SOLO SHOT FIRST, and GRIFFITH DID EVERYTHING WRONG!


Sincerely Yours,

The Geek Writer.


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