Well, let’s see here…

The Forge is the ultimate dark universe of all things geek! (Just like it says on the logo), and it all started with me feeling the need to share my alternative lifestyle with an audience(No matter how minute the numbers).

My name is Hector Sibisi, and this is my platform for everyone who loves the same things that I love. The Forge is a place where I review anime, comic books and movies, and talk about the current state of our nerdiverse! I’m a writer, designer, multimedia developer, aspiring filmmaker and fitness trainer. I’ve always tried to devote myself to being more than just an ordinary employee in some backwire company. In South Africa, the “nerdiverse”(Yes, I’m starting a thing!) is viewed very differently than abroad, and we’re either ridiculed or looked down upon in most communities. My mother never misses an opportunity to remind me of my age when she sees me watching anime or a DC Animated film(I love her, though!).

I’m 21 years old and my love for the “nerdiverse”(Oh, yeah!) deepens with each anime episode, or a Batman comic book issue. In fact, thinking about my love for this alternative universe lifestyle makes me really happy. You neve really know a person unless you know what makes them happy – genuinely happy. I find myself in that awkward moment where I’m smiling to myself and some stranger notices and ¬†gives me that “What is wrong with this guy?” look. The site is filled with need-to-know content for those who are fascinated by this lifestyle, and I hope to become a voice to those who are willing to listen.

Welcome to my mind. Welcome to The Dark Universe Of Geek!(Batman voice).


Sincerely Yours,

The Geek Writer